The Kids Think I'm From S P A C E

Its the best making art with kids. Sounds like a cliché, but I really do love kids art! They are so unhinged and already so invested in the project. I was teaching 3-5 year olds about screen printing and Space at
Children's Art Studio at the Artscape Wychwood Barns. Its awesome studio run by my dear friend Lynn Jackson.

I told the kids I was from Space and that I would get them some shooting stars and we ended up printing a whole galaxy of stars! They were so inspiring to work with, I don't have to convince them, they are already there with me.

'Jeff, how long does it take to get to space with the Space Bike?' 'Is it dirty in space that is why your pants are like that?' 'Do the rainbows on the Space Bike go to space too?' Gosh these little martians are brilliant, I love my job.

Space is the P L A C E

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Moon Landing

Instead of calling them squeegies the kids prefer 'Fudgies'. DONE.

Look how cute these little martians are!

On food break the girls tell me about their Justin Beiber nail polish over tea time.

Pull like a row boat!

Overprinting with kids is so hot right now

The kids try on the Space Helmet

The 3 year olds then asked me, 'Can we paint the Space Bike?!' How could I say no?

Life of a nomadic printmaker. As I ride off they say 'We'll watch for you in space!'

Space is the P L A C E


miel said...

The last quote put a smile on my face *melting*


miel, they are the most inspiring little beings!