Prince Enoki's Insect Orchestra

I flew with an arkestra of insects this past weekend to deliver the printed pollen to Prince Enoki in the beautiful Keswick, Ontario.

Prince Enoki's Insect Orchestra is the musical projectile of the mighty Scott Peterson and posse. Thanks so much Scott for the weekend of clarity on the beach, it Tito'd the collaboration. The more and more I get out of this city, I wonder why I am still here......

The worms are in the compost, having sex in the Garden of Eden decaying past treasures....

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The fold out poster

Edition of 50

Lepidoptera cover for Hannah

Insect Isla reading the July issue of Offerings with Alex gracing the cover.

OG mushroom collagio

Copper Stetson cassette larvae

botanical backyard boutique

Copter Stetson Crop Circles

Salad from the garden, Mezcal Tequila into the night

They now sell watermelon in Wal Mart, but this compost is working it 24/7

Where the Blue Heron flies we follow it home

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