The Mind Reader

Have you ever had your mind read? Trust me, you don't want to miss this show. My old friend Nicholas Wallace is a professional magician that has been dropping jawshis whole life. He is actually the magic champion of Canada---- no joke! Nick is also is one of the most talented people I know not too mention one of the nicest dudes around.

His latest project is called 'The Mind Reader' premieres this Friday for the Hamilton Fringe Festival. I printed up these posters that Nick designed, what can he not do? Like ol' timey circus posters....

Nick is the only friend I have that has a 'MINDREADING' binder on his office shelf. So who wants to go???????

Show times HERE

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Recently I visited Nick at his beautiful home in Grimsby and this shelf in his office always makes me smile.
'agreements, agreements, durable, fringe, MINDREADING'


rzy said...

great poster, jg! also, have seen nic perform in person and i must say, it was amazing.

isla.m.craig|at| said...

yes!!!! nick rules!!!!!!!


thanks rzy and i! yes, nick is TOPPS.