Thanks Michael

It isn't very often that I get to see where my art ends up. Michael Baumgart recently purchased some of my work and posted a lovely photo of my piece in its new home. My Lion art print now lives with David Jager and Elizabeth Bromstein. In this photo is writer, performer Lo Bil.

Thank you to everyone that has purchased my work and continue to support my career. If you are interested in purchasing any work off my site, feel free to contact me.

Archived: Screen Print, Inspiration
Photo take by Michael Baumgart


elizabeth said...

Neat. We found this pic when David came looking for your bulgogi recipe, which we are eating right now, beside the art. I feel like this is kind of meta or something. But maybe I don't understand what meta means. We love your work. Thanks!
Elizabeth Bromstein

elizabeth said...

By the way, I tried to find our ipod with Drizzy on it, but I was too busy stir frying, which means I cooked while listening to Duran Duran and Blu Oyster Cult instead (A View To A Kill). Does this still count as a dinner?




Thanks so much guys!!!! Would love to taste bulgogi with a bit of Duran Duran! hahahah

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