Fake Fly Fishing

This summer I took up fly fishing again with my dad, he's a pretty serious fisherman. I really admire the style that he has developed over the years and his ability to read waters and really know fish. Even though the season is almost over until next April, it was nice to get some time in the Grand River with my dad. When I was younger I didn't have the patience for the lessons he was giving me, I was too interested in mud and making tipis.

The last fish I caught this season was a fluke. It was about 10am and the fish weren't really feeding anymore (we usually start fishing at 6am before it gets too hot). I felt a tug and caught one by accident. As I was reeling in the 7 inch brown trout a Great Blue Heron swooped in for the catch! Four feet away from me, the majestic bird missed the first time then on its second try it snag it right off my line! Great Blue flew off with brunch and left me in a sort of prehistoric shock. An older fisherman came up to me from up river and said, 'I've been fishing here a long time son and I have never seen that happen before'. My dad responded, 'Sometimes its better to be lucky than skilled.'

I can't wait to fly again next April.

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The Great Blue Heron that stole my fish for brunch

Double Rainbow

The Great Blue Heron in the east end with Mermaid of Stacey

For Kōbō Abe

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