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I found some good stuff in the last week, which means I am going to get rid of some things as well. As much as I am a finder of things, I like movement and giving back. I prefer stuff moving rather than sitting stagnant in the same place for a long time. I think my reciprocation with artifacts into the world helps my endless search of things being a bricolage provocateur.

Today I drilled in one of my paintings in a secret place. Its somewhere along my favourite train tracks along Geary. I suggest if you plan on taking it to bring a #10 square head bit or screwdriver. 3 inch screws! Or leave it to the weather along the train wreckage where it came from. Its the first of Secret Rendezvous paintings I'll be installing around town or by tracks. Go get 'em, tiger.

Last week I was telling a friend of my obsession as a kid, sneaking into my parents room and going through their medical textbooks. They were both nurses so I'd go through the weirdest books of diseases and anatomy. One of my favourites were the books with the layers of anatomy on different pieces of acetate exposing the parts of the body. I think it helped fuel my passion of layering and screen printing in a way. I'd get hypnotized by those pages for hours.

Riding along the smooth Harbord St. bike lanes last week, I passed by a box that said 'FREE' and kept riding. I had to go back because for some reason I knew the book would be hiding in there. Flipping through all the books, I didn't see anything that was worth the load until I opened the last one. What do you know, it was the book of anatomy!

Just like a kid again, I got hypnotized for hours......

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Free Stuff

Anatomy Nostalgia

An organic watermelon with beautiful mark making

A Beauty & the Beast readymade I constructed on the fly with someone's sidewalk giveaways. 2 copies? En route to Fiesta Farms!

On my way back from Fiesta Farms, I found some good stuff at a garage sale. 2 wooden boxes with drawings, one scrawl
resembling Pisces (25 cents each)! A Horse Clock that naaaaaaays when the alarm goes off ($1)! Hopefully it will wake up my
sleep apnea snoozzzes. And a portable record player (FREE)!

Free Art! Secret Rendezvous #001. Hint, that is Riders in the distance. It looks like the scrawl to the left says 'Mango' but it actually
says 'Manko'. I didn't spray it, I didn't notice it until after when I was looking at it on my computer. Manko in Japanese 'vagina'.


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