Culinary Pursuits #002,
'Orlando's Happy Tuesdays'


So you think you have had the best jerk chicken in the city? You really haven't unless you have tried Orlando's 2 For 1 Jerk Chicken up in my hood. This Legendary Jerk continues my posts of cheap, delicious eats. Why Mr. Peeler is it DA BESST you ask? Let me rap fer a bit.....

1. Its got a badass sign.
2. Everytime you go in there is a line up of at least 3-5 drooling customers hanging over the counter like they haven't eaten all day.
3. One time when I was about 7th in line (30 mins waiting) there was a dude that stormed in desperately crying, 'Orlando, I need mine, boss! Yo, I been waitin' 2 hours for dem!' I forgot to mention the brotha was still wearing his barbers smock and his curly locks we trickling fresh off is neck. FERREAL.
4. Its a huge serving.
5. The chicken skin is crispy and the meat is soooo juicy. The real standout in this all-star dish is the rice. Its cooked with beans and coconut milk! Its soooooo smoooth especially toggling back n' forth to the crispy, spicy chicken.
6. The coleslaw is a bit superfluous, but I wanted it for the flix. He rarely has it, so ask fer a dopple and get it for a buck extra. Its not the perk of the package but it's got texture and it's obscure.
7. Don't expect it to be open all the time. Sometimes I have the craving but he's closed and I am left unsatisfied until our next bout.
8. Are you ready for this? Its 5 bucks on a regular day!
9. Are you HAPPY today? Yes, because it's Tuesday Today. Orlando's Jerk Chicken is only 3 bucks today! T-H-R-E-E. Re-read. Orlando makes other dishes like fish and ox tail, but his super special is 'HAPPY TUESDAYS' and the meal is $3 from 11am-6pm. Book it.
10. I can always trust any restaurant dive that has an NBA basketball net inside. And 1!
11. Lastly, Orlando has been serving his jerk for longer than I have been alive on this planet.

If you are in my hood on Tuesday afternoons and want to grab some lunch, I'd never turn down a Happy Tuesday Meal.

So happy,
Jerf Chicken xo

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And 1!

Today's Pony Load: Our old T.V. and rolls of vintage wallpaper from Smash Salvage, a drawer for Andrew I transported for him,
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peggy said...

i've been going there since like '98 (yet i havent been in many many years), I'm so glad you found it, i could never convince any downtowners to go, they feel it's too out of the way but they don't know what they're missing, the best jerk of their life! You're right on about that rice, so damn good, mmmm..... sad to hear that the coleslaw is just a sad second cause that used to be the star of the show, when that juice used to soak in with the rice and you'd get a crispy chicken morsel, what a trio, there was nothing better. and what a deal?!


AAAAAH! PEGGY !!! you know it!
I am going today!!! Wanna come!!!

Miss ya. your work looks great!!!!!

peggy said...

best kept secret of the northwest!
i would love too... but i'm in London, i've had fish & chips three days in a row and never want to see it again!
When i return we must go, some tuesday.
Miss you too and thanks!


lets make a date of it. gimme some notice next time you head over here!

peggy said...

how 'bout monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday.
pick one and email me... i won't be around for a while after that.