A few flicks of my new journal I have been working in for last month or so.

Culinary Pursuit #003 'The Darcy Breakfast'

Today for breakfast I used the delicious tomatoes Darcy dropped off yesterday to make a salad. Some dill goat cheese, spinach, basil, sesame seeds, olive oil, rice vinegar and bonito sauce rounded it off. I also dipped the olive bread she dropped off last week in the vinegarette, so good. A coffee with a touch of cinnamon, some shredded wheat with bran for fibre vibes, and a refreshing glass of cucumber water.

Ready to

Total time:
10-15 minutes

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Today's 'Darcy Breakfast'

Found this on one of my favourite websites today, Slam Online. I hate Kobe but can't help admire his work ethic and he is a finisher.

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