Mass Hypnosis

I am proud to be part of this show tonight, I promise its going to trippppppy.

Here are the deets:
Mass Hypnosis Print Show
Featured Artists: Andrew Bailey, Michael Comeau, Morgan Criger, Jeff Garcia, Jesjit Gill, Jacob Horwood, Reid Jenkins, Matt King, Alexandra Mackenzie, Alicia Nauta and Andrew Zukerman (curated+lit by Philippe Blanchard)

Opening Friday 22nd 6-10pm.
Show runs 21st-25th

Mass Hypnosis is an experiment in printmaking as a collective, immersive and time-based medium. The participating artists will be covering as much of the gallery space as possible with their screenprinted patterns. Printopolis artist-in-residence Stefan Hoffmann will also participate, printing directly on the gallery windows and walls. Pulsating coloured lighting by Philippe Blanchard will light the resulting collective mural, animating the coloured prints to music and live performances. An experiment in maximalism and neo psychedelia, Mass Hypnosis hopes to create an audio-visual space where printmaking can be re-imagined.

Archived: Mixed Media, Shows, Installation, Screen Print
Some siding I did with Alicia Nauta

Installation in progress

Hope to tripp out with you there!

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