Culinary Pursuits #008
'Food Court Korean Sate'


I know what you are saying, "Food courts?!F?T?W!"

Oh this isn't just any food court it's The Village by the Grange Food Court located right across from OCAD. Art school food courts can be filled with teenagers that smell like Gillette and patchouli but this one is worth the visit. Listen, if you're a broke art school student then here is a cheap, filling meal to get you by on the daily.


1. Avoid all eye contact and head straight for Korean Sate across from the McDonalds.
2. Order the Sate Special #1 from the nicest Korean man you will ever meet.
3. Ask for EXTRA PEANUT SAUCE. Its the secret ingredient here, you will thank me.
4. Count your pennies and give the nice man $4.65. Yeah, re-read. 90 cents extra for another stick. Ferreal.

This place is completely under the radar. I never wait in line here, usually the McDonalds line up is spilling out in front of the kimchi window. These Special Savoury Sticks of Burnt Meat are like a taste sensation of home cookin'. I lived off of this when I was at OCAD (one week then dropped out) and then when worked at the art store across the street (oh man, that was Dark Timezzz for me, ha!).

Listen drop your big black portfolio (don't drop out of school), and go get that MEAT.



Archived: Culinary Pursuits, Toronto Essentials
Art School Burnt Meat on Sticks. Beef. Chicken. Pork. All the important food groups.

This man has the warmest eyes around and he has mean grilling skillz.

Since I'm on the topic of burnt meat products and killer combinations, check out this video of my boy Bboy Brand Burn. He is new
generation of my crew Ground Illusionz and is one of my favourites. He destroys this! 1:21, check out that combo and replay
over and over. HAWT LIKE FIYAH. Did I mention he is still in high school and an artist? Watch out OCAD girls, he may burn
right through the application process.

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