A Botanical Weekend

Sundays are the days I water my plants and we hang out. As much as I can I also try to go to the Allan Gardens Conservatory. It's definitely one of my Toronto Essentials, and it amazes me how many people still haven't been. Visiting Allan Gardens for me is kind of like going to church. The cacti room right now is incredible and visit my spirit plant, the Giant Staghorn Fern by the orchids. Make a point to go visit my friends and breathe the moist, clean air. L i s t e n.

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My spirit plant, the Staghorn Fern. Hair?

Parked my pony outside of Allan Gardens after riding a sage plant from the east end. My friend Ana's mother had an extra
one from her beautiful garden. Thanks Ulli!

The cactus room at Allen Gardens is one of the best exhibitions I have seen in a while.

Re-potting plants = my kind of Sunday. Jade, Staghorn, Sage, Spiders, Aloe.

Sweet Grass Braids from my friend Ana's garden.

Our kitten Shouty is growing up, with the plants. Photo taken by Yas.

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