Maylee Todd 'Aerobics in Space' Poster

Last night I whipped off some posters for my good pal Maylee Todd's video premiere party for her video, 'Aerobics in Space'. Congrats Maylee, looks kick ass. Watching the video, I can't help but think of my young days growing up watching BET and waiting for Busta Rhymes, Gimme Some Mo' to blow my mind.

The posters are 24"x36" and are only $10 for nice white stock or $5 for one printed on ghetto newsprint! Drop me a line if you want to cop a hand printed poster with Maylee's face on it! You can also get them from Maylee, she be on tourrr.

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Blurry dark shot of the poster. Sorry, we printed these last minute! Literally hot off the pressss

Developing the big screen at the washout sink, Halo Halo!

Back in the garage pulling full steam

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