Culinary Pursuit #004
'Pho Hung Chicken Wings, The Best Wings in Toronto'


You can thank me now. I know- Pho Hung has the best pho in the city, but I'll leave that for a later post, I need to focus. More importantly, Pho Hung has HANDS DOWN THE BEST CHICKEN WINGS in Toronto that you didn't know of. CALLED IT. I've been eating there since high school and I first found out about them a couple of years ago. One night near closing time, I was finishing up my pho with extra tripe when I saw the group of cooks at the back table scarffing down something glorious, greasy and golden right to the bone. I asked the waiter what they were eating, and ordered #60 for myself and have never turned back. My dad lives in Mississauga and will make a trip downtown just for a taste, he is fully converted.

Be careful. These wings are so good they will haunt you. They are big, sweet, sweaty, spicy, and buttery, I don't know how they do it. FOOD PORN. I guarantee you will make suggestive noises and people will stare at your heavenly plate in envy. Order early, masterpieces like this take some time. I suggest the occasional wing-dip in your pho broth and ordering a side of rice to soppp up the residual champion grease as your finishing move. Don't waste, it's too essential.

I'll let you in on the secret, you can thank me later.....
Pho Hung (Spadina Location): #60 on the menu
Pho Hung (Bloor Location): A9 on the menu

Suggested Size: LARGE

Dare treat me!

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