On Tuesday in my newest Printing for illustrators class we were inspired by an 8 foot Keanu Reeves and got a little festive and watched part Home Alone. Check back soon, because we got some great doodle mash-ups for our zine next week. Our guest illustrators were Fiona Smyth and The Lost Boys! (dan and ryan were eventually found by the time Macaulay Culkin's family left him behind)


APT909 said...

That's great!! I can even feel really strong vibe from picture! Video is super nice!!

alicia said...

i want to go to one of your classes!


damn, it would be amazing to have you in my class. dan was wearing your shirt in this photo actually, so you were there in spirit.

when people mention you i say
"she is a great printer"

sonic.hands said...

yeah! spaghetti face man!