The Reveries!

A new poster for The Reveries show this weekend! Try to make it out if you are in the city, you don't want to miss their live show. I am going to have some poster stuff there too.

Saturday April 5th
at Tranzac Main Hall (292 Brunswick Avenue)
9:30 pm

The Reveries are pleased to announce the release of their third album on the Rat-drifting label:
Matchmakers Volume 1: The Music Of Willie Nelson.

The Reveries use mouthspeakers, saws, streetsweeper bristles, voices, guitars, pieces of balloons, hamonicas, drum machine, drums, and tangled wires to recapture the essence of popular love songs. The Reveries are Eric Chenaux, Ryan Driver, Doug Tielli, and Jean Martin. This is their first CD dedicated to the music of a single songwriter, one for whom we should all have a very special place in our hearts.
TraZac?!? oops, Edition of 75

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