Exploding Motor Car hosts XPACE FILM SCHOOL

Collected 16mm Shorts
“Ballet Adagio” Norman McLaren
“Street Musique” Ryan Larkin
“A Little Bird Told Me” Burt Gillet
“1812” Sandor Reisenbuchler

We discovered these celluloid gems in a fugitive closet hunt for the ancient secret of a Garcia pinakbet revival. Upon embezzlement of the reels, we quickly broke out the projector and had a collective filmic orgasmico from the fantastique. These animated films have been our late night saviors, inspiring maverick creative fervors fired from our subterranean oubliette. Yesterday’s jar of jam is tastier than the hood of yo’ uncle’s smoking ’93 Lambourghini Countache.

Vernon Florida
We drive our gas efficient Exploding Motor Car from the utterly unexceptional humdrum boroughs of Mississauga. Our city’s greatest odyssey lies in the senior citizen population that provides the magic for South Common Mall’s infrastructure. Collectively, we can truly identify with this film’s dusty double-gobble taxidermy and when the nimble old hands prevail a trot of a possum.

Please come and join the folks of Exploding Motor Car as we celebrate a night of psych excretions. The only thing we are missing is a Mario Van Peebles Retrospective. Alas, admission is zero cents.
Performance by GFR and Art/Installations by Jesjit Gill, Nataly Kim and Jeff Garcia

Thanks to all the made it out to the packed night, everyone was emitting shrimp chips perspiration

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