Aboriginal Stylin'

I have been leading a series of screen printing workshops for Aboriginal youth funded by the Ontario Arts Council. Most of the students are artists in the age range of 18-26 years old and some of them are also heavily involved in their communities. Lyndy and Leslie brought in some of the traditional textiles and I was blown away by the patterning and colours. There is a pow-wow this Saturday at Dufferin Grove in Toronto and some of them will be dancing, go check them out.

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Incredible colours and patterning. Check out that bead work!

Leading the workshop with textile artist Alana McLeod and Amanda Strong

Michaela Cruz is one of my past students that I continue to mentor and she also made the delicious food for the workshop.

Printing food cooked by Michaela Cruz: Mixed salads with walnuts, red wine vinegar and sunflower oil. Chicken, red peppers,
onions and mushrooms simmered in balsamic vinegar and rosemary. Pasta with cauliflower, cheddar cheese, goat cheese and celery.

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