Where the mango heart beats...

My footsteps have been in Mississauga, where I was born and raised- on a playground.... It was a productive place to grow up, because there is nothing to do but play, do creative things, have hobbies (breakdance and juvenile graffiti), and play 'ball. Unless of course you were one of those guys that suped up their parents car, went cruising, and hung out in parking lots.

I find it peaceful walking around my old stomping grounds with my dog Mangoe, he's getting a lot more white in his face. We are all getting older, but the mangos are still ripe.....

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My mom brought back 2 boxes of juicy mango decadence. 'I salt and peppper my mango'...

Since I am in a nostalgic mood, here is a ol' school Exploding Motor Car clip from June 2004 at the Drake Underground. It was our
first projection show for Gastric Female Reflex, we had no idea what we were doing. We used rub on Letraset on 16mm film and
made it in my parents basement.

Here's another short clip called Squatto. It was 16mm film I painted in my parent's basement back in the day and collage with old
stock. GFR soundtraxxx. What happened to me? Why don't I make stuff like this anymore????

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