Building a Village

I'm so happy to announce that Halo Halo got another space! We have been working non stop for 2 months to get everything together. It was the old Capoeira studio that is located behind one of my favourite grocery stores in the city, Fiesta Farms.

Harvesting projects in the spring and summer at the Village is going to be topps! Thanks to everyone that has volunteered time with us to help us get started. Send me a message if you want to help us out! So the fun begins...........

Archived: Halo Halo Village, Process

Immaculate Heart College Rules. An art centre that existed in the '60s run by Sister Corita, a screen printing nun. She lead colourful
rallies and had guest teachers come in like John Cage and Charles Eames.


Victoria Jean Cheong said...

hi Jeff,
I'll help. lemme know, XO


thanks VC!!!! Would love to do some dyeing and discharge for a curtain for the Sari Sari Salon!

Xenia said...

I wanna help too!!!


Xenia, thats sweet of you. Just message me when you have an open window we are harvesting all the time