Bricolage Provocteur Tour

Sometimes you just have to turn down this alleyway....

We hauled a motherload of lumber today that was disposed by U of T mechanical engineer students. Your failed projects are our treasure. Its shocking how wasteful people(especially students) can be. I remember working at art stores and helping 'Environmental Design' students buy excessive supplies for their projects. Loads of foam core that was just trashed, mdf, blue foam, guh, drove me nuts. Environmental design....riiiiight.

If you need lots of big sheets of paper, the architecture school at U of T also disposes a ton of their drafts, you just need a student to get you in the building. Thanks Damon for for keeping good eyes and flexing your muscles with me today.

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Another day at the office

fully loaded

found foam window display for a secret locale about to launch

made a pink panther chair for damon for his mighty accomplishments today

Also found this great shelf for our Limited Editions Library at our new Sari Sari Salon opening sooooon. Beautiful day.


isla.m.craig|at| said...

just too good.

alicia said...

woah the foam window display toooooooo good

Alanna Cavanagh said...

what great finds jeff.
that shelf wow!
way to go.