Hard Doug in Times New Shin Cup

Lovely late nights with collages,
red wine and Shin Cup-
I stay up

on that Bagsit Bakeshop
Earlier the grey,
double shots of
b e r g a m o t s
we over

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I had an inspiring visit with my friends Brian and Bunni Ruryk. They offered me some Earl Grey tea and if you know me well I can't
refuse. Brian insisted I use this Popeye cup and I also took a photo of Brian's new release for Kevin Hainey's Inyrdisk.
Package by Bunni, love the sparkly 501s!

They also let me borrow this film 'The Color of Pomegranates'. Its like moving collages it made me want to race home to be around
my source material. Why is this film so good? Thanks Ruryks!

We recently littered the wholesome Ruryk basement for a rare appearance of our we're in/we're out project Hard Love in Times
New Roman.
We haven't played in years but our subterranean misadventures included, Gmail Chat with reverb, The Doug theme
song. Photograph here is by William A. Davison and I'm playing some beads on sheet metal,??>> bent over while Andrew contact
mics my hair and bows it. Not sure how it sounded, but it smelled like piss from the blow up Sponge Bob!
truss, you don't want to know.

Photo by William again. For our exit Salazar and Charise came out doing their best Robert Palmer cover with Ruryk guitars. They
were definitely the most impressive part of our performance, they waited so patiently in a cold washroom behind us for 2 hours
while we were waiting to fill the stadium of cheers......Addicted to Love in Times New Roman. Brian's basement is so cool,
I loved the zebra chair that I later found out Bunni had refurnished.

The night was celebrating a tape Brian released for his new anti-label Eye of the Phallus. Our b?a?n?d? was Toronto's most
androgynous noise band that chronicled typographic failures of Andrew Zukerman, Amy Lam and myself.
Brian did a great job on the tapes, and said this:

as if the world needs another shit noise cassette release !! “16 new releases this week!” “Special numbered edition ! only 11
made !!” this one’s been on the bench for years, recorded mixed and edited by an idiot, using live and studio elements.
The more copies I sell the more money I lose ! don’t even bother.

Another shot of a Hard Love in Times New Roman set from last summer, it was so windy that most our gear blew away.

Forget it, at least the name is good.

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