Finding the Invisible City

Winter in Toronto is when I get a lot of reading done and do a lot of re-visiting of albums and movies. I recently found some good finds at the BMV on Bloor, one of my favourite spots in the city for reference material under 5 bucks. Definitely one of my Toronto Essentials. Some other goodies listed clockwise....

1. A book about 17th Century Maasai I have been using for 'llaages.
2. The Blind Pianist, a 12" Filipino treasure I am borrowing from my buddy Damon.
3. Japrocksampler, everything you want to know about Japanese Psych.
4. Firework, I just recently met talented comic artist Mark Connery. His house burnt down and had a fundraiser and he made this zine about it.
5. Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino, been wanting to read this for a while.
6. Know Yourself Through Your Handwriting, I sure am.
7. An original Stan K flipbook he made for me for Christmas of him reading a newspaper in his backyard.
8. My current notebook and essential Earl Grey Tea.
Earlier the better.

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My cat Shouty in my favourite reading chair. Walls: some found material and prints by Andrew Zukerman and Jacob Horwood

After a day in the studio and some reading, we pass out here together. Walls 'n such: some antique Japanese indigo for the 1920's
from my travels in Japan, a print by Alex Mackenzie, a quilt I found in a barn, classic Film Fort pillow case, a jaw from a pighead I
roasted, flattened Mailbox, healthy Monstera Scabiosa, & The Meteor.

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