Around the Ship

Photos of my studio/home/ship taken by my good friend Yas.

I was surprised one morning to read a note written by my dear cousin Cha Cha, it reads:
'On Jepoy's Art'
by Zara D. Garcia-Alvarez on Monday, January 17, 2011 at 11:15am

Dear Jepoy,

I took a look at mangopeeler today and I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your work. It isn't "easy" art. In fact, I think it can be abrasive, which makes me want to stop and decide to take another look and then really question what I'm seeing, what it means, and how it makes me feel.

The mixed media, the colours, the displacement---there's order in the chaos of your art. It's visceral and hallucinatory, but executed with precision. I especially like how you have easily transformed your living space into an art form. Your home and your fashion seems to be an extension of your art aesthetic. And I enjoy peering at your collages.

Your work has inspired me to take a fresh look at my surroundings and to start some creative work of my own! My media of choice has always been the written word and a little of photography. But your work has tantalized me into also considering collages and textiles.

I'm glad you're talented enough and brave enough to answer your creative aspirations! The world already has too many pessimists. Pessimists---and accountants.

Your cousin-friend,


I was really touched and surprised by this, especially since people rarely write about my work. She was around when I was so small drawing He-Man and dinosaurs on dot matrix paper. Thank you Cha Cha, this means so much to me!

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p o r t a l

My collage cat Shouty, a stray that found me.

rescued plants

My Rocking Horse Kitchen Cabinet

Pure Boneless Codfish

My Spice Rack, one of the most essential shelves in my house


found fabric

I bought this desk for $40 on craigslist! Best part is I bought if off of artist off of Henrik Drescher!

floor tommed


for mom & dad

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