Not the Wind, Not the Flag Limited Edition T-shirts

These guys are the real deal it was an honour to make these tour shirts for them. My friends Colin Fisher and Brandon Valdivia are Not the Wind, Not the Flag and they are one of my favourite bands in the city. It doesn't really get more psych than this cosmic traveling duo?

While i was printing strong wind was blowing into the garage, literally. I attacked the shirts very free and collaging the elements so the shirts are all different! With a band like this, it only made sense.

If you are in Montreal tonight, you should go check them out. At least go to check out the prolific merch table and pick up a shirt and some tapes! Good luck on tour fellas!

Not The Wind, Not the Flag - We Acknowledge The Moon [Part I]

Got this sound clip from great blog Mechanical Forest Sound.

Archived: Process, Screen Print, Halo Halo
Discharge print with red over printing. Message me if you want one I still have some in the studio.

Jah Jah Yellow. They come in red too if that is more your thang.

Thanks to Sally and Char for helping print the shirts! Check out those huge screens......

Not the Mango, Not the Peeler


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