Mango Peeler Culinary Pursuit #001,
The Bulgogi and Soba Noodle Staple


I eat a lot. I mean, A LOT. I eat a lot of MEAT, like a mean boy. I also love to cook, so I figured I'd start documenting some dishes I make on a regular basis. Being a screen printer, a runner and a generally active guy I need to constantly eat throughout my day. Money and time can get tight sometimes so I've got some quick, cheap eats that keep me fueled. And plus, whats a blog without some delicious shots of food right?

I cook the way I collage, you know, mix mix, halo halo - see what happens. This is kinda Japanese, kinda Korean.....

First up to bat, is my lunch today that I am having in the park, Bulgogi and Soba Noodles. Yummmm, doesn't that look like a dish delish...... I usually crave this after a 8-10k run or a morning of prepping and pulling screens.

Total prep and cooking time:
15-20 mins

Total costs: $10-$20 depending on what ingredients you use and you can have this at least 4-6 times depending on how much you eat.

1. Sesame oil, sesame seeds
2. Miso Sauce (You can get fancy and buy your own Bonito flakes and make this)
3. Wasabi (I like the kind in a toothpaste-like dispenser)
4. Ginger (Can't get enough)
5. Green Onions (Can't get enough)
6. Watercress
7. King Oyster Mushrooms (A summer 2010 fave)
8. A lemon (Drama)
9. Roasted Seaweed
10. Kimchi, and Kimchi Radish (mmmmmmmm smells like fart, but tastes soooo good)
11. Soba Noodles (I can just keep eating these noodles)
12. Drake & Lil' Wayne (Important ingredient that may vary depending on your level of gangsta, or street cred)
13. Bulgogi (This is a miracle marinated Korean style meat that is thinly sliced. You can make your own or just go to P.A.T and buy a readymade package for 6-10 bucks, ferreal. That will last you a week.)

Which leads me to my first Toronto Essential, P.A.T. Located in the heart of Korea Town this grocery store pretty much has everything I need at a cheap price. I don't think I would be able to live in Toronto if it wasn't for this store. Sobeys? Really? Go to P.A.T.!!! I even have a points card. Young Money!

Enjoy the pursuit! Email me if you make it, I want to read your drools.

More culinary pursuits to come on my website:

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Today's lunch in the park, Bulgogi and Soba Noodles, a copy of Secret Rendezvous by Kobo Abe

Kimchi products, Luscious Bulgogi, Miso Sauce, Sesame Oil and Seeds, Wasabi!

Green Onions, Ginger, King Oyster Mushrooms, Watercress

Heat up the sesame oil and sautee the mushrooms with the kimchi. Add the bulgogi and its magical juices, add ground pepper
and cayenne if you want. When the bulgogi starts to brown and burrrn a bit, add the watercress and lightly cook it (I like the
bitterness it adds to the sweet and spice of the dish). Remove from stove.

Dice up the green onions, grate ginger, cut a lemon, and break the seaweed.

Boil the soba noodles until al dente (very important not to overcook) and then put in a strainer and run under cold water. I like 3-5
rolls of soba, you might not want that many.

The transcendental soba elixir consists of about 25% soba sauce, 75% cold water. Then add ginger, green onions, sesame,
wasabi, seaweed to your liking. I add a splash of lemon, its really refreshing.

Tada! Done so fast! Add some fresh green onion on top of the bulgogi, some cold kimchi radish, and a dash of sesame seeds here
and there. Add some ice cubes on top of the soba if you want to keep them cold and firm. I learned that one from my good
Japanese pal Minae.

Its important for me to listen to music while I am cooking to infuse the dish with some vibe$$$$$. Today, (and lately) I have been
obsessed with Drake and Lil' Wayne. Keeping da culinary drizzy Canadiana!

'Someone tell Aaliyah, I'm on fiyah, she should work tonight'

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