Floor Tommed!

I have been really guided on the streets lately. Lots of the time when I am riding my pony around town, I get that feeling, just go down this street. Something usually ends up finding me.

Saturday mornings are usually my anthem for finds. Last week I found a bunch of new supernatural reference and a book on fishing. I also found a deer head without the antlers (Staghorn Fern!) in Cabbagetown. Taped to the back of my bike, I got the most bizarre stares. Lastly, riding down Dupont I found a discarded basketball backboard right where I got into a bike accident back in April. I took the haul to the studio on my trusty pony!

Funny, my dear friend Naomi Okabe, text me this morning with,

'I'm calling you bricolage provocateur'

I like it.

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My kind of table

I see something I want

Deer, Photographing the Spirit World, The Ultimate Fishing Book, Man Myth & Magic, a picture in a frame I liked,
Highway 61 on cassette, Patty Smyth?F?T?W?

Working on a new readymade

Floor Tommed! Thanks Ruta!


isla.m.craig|at|gmail.com said...

you can thank ruta for that pink treasure!


Oh yes yessss! Thanks Ruta!