Culinary Pursuit #007
'The Best Korean Tofu Soup in Toronto'



Lots of people that go here know it as the orange place on the corner of Clinton and Bloor that serves Toronto tongue what we deserve. Know the name, and know it well. Other than having a tongue twister for a name, this restaurant is an essential for my artistic diet. You know a place is good if they only have 9 things on the menu. Clear, finite, mastered, and cheap ($7.08 for the tastiest soup in town!!!!).

I'm having problems writing this pursuit because I am craving it just looking at the pictures. I am going to focus on my favourite of the 9 specials. Combination Seafood, Spicy. Everything is special about this dish, let me rap about this one ton stunner.

1. The Korean condiments: Kimchi, Kimchi Radish, Bean Sprouts (They usually know to give me 2 of these), and some caramelized bean thing. So good to wake up your palette while you are waiting for the sizzla. Lastly, mysterious egg tip toes between the small dishes.

2. You get your food fast and the spice rating is accurate. Extra spicy is extra spicy. Beware.

3. You fear for people's lives as the soup comes out of the back bubbling like a witch's cauldron. You will begin to feel your mouth secreting saliva as the waiter dishes out the rice from the stone bowl. This is not just regular rice, you need to go here for the rice experience alone and you will know what I mean. They fill the rice stone bowl with water for you, something familiar to orientals.

4. Crack the egg on the piping hot soup. Once the egg is cooked I like cracking it over top of the rice. Acts as a binder, so essential.

5. They definitely don't chince ya here, is so much tofu in this soup . This is gauranteed to fill you up and make you feel good about life. Seriously.

6. The shrimp. The shriiiimp. I eat head, eyes and all, too good.

7. Wash it down with some Korean HITE Beer, such a refeshing finishing move.

8. Even though there are so many micro dishes within this meal to toggle back and forth, its one beautiful composition.

The waiters and staff are so friendly, lots know me by name. There was a point I was going here so frequently, I was close to asking them how much I should start paying for utilities. One server in particular, his name is Andrew, is one of the sweetest dudes around. Say hi to him, he is just oooozing rock star, to me at least. If you have never tried this glory soup please do me a favour and try it. Today. Prepare yourself for a lineup after 7pm. Email me, I want to hear stories, better yet take me out fer dinner.

One more time: BukChangDongSoonTofuSoupDaBessst

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My pony waits for me outside the Tofu Kingdom

Sorry for the blurry photo, its hard holding my camera steady at this point of saliva secretion.

Now that is a menu I can trust. Perfect graphic design. Simplicity.

Do you see what eye see? Meal Perfection.

Are these girls signed to a label yet? Book it.


peggy said...

i've never tried that one
i can't get past the bibimbap! i love it so much i never end up trying anything new. i'll surely get number 9 next time i go, i trust your taste.

Laura said...

Rebecca can not get enough of this video.


Peggy, I went there tonight. Its #2.

Laura, isn't the choreography amazing!

peggy said...

oh woops! #2 then... maybe i'll get #9 as well