Space Portals

Dear Interwwweb,
I have neglected you and to be honest, I haven't even noticed you. (Other than gmail and my obsession with Would you mind if we peeled again?


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Space Portal created during The Deeep Session, feather wears by Discolor Festooning


Victoria Jean Cheong said...

dear Jeff,
No probs. I know life gets busy and it's sometimes hard for me to compete with space portals for peelers attentions. Yo yo that static electrified spider leg explosion looks siiiiicck. whoa whats about those dangling feathers ? Discolor Festooning? i know them - we friends on facebook. XOXO interweb

maemaipleng said...

I made a similar move recently with my blog. It happens ... It's necessary. Who has the energy to blog and update shit all the damn time. You were probably too busy doing important stuff....

We're always here for you though.

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