Moondrop Excavations

My wonderful moondrop mate Mairi is back home from a couple months out west doing mineral exploration in the Tombstone Mountain Range in the Yukon. It was 3pm in the afternoon along the Talus Slope when she was doing some 'prospecting' and found these beautiful bones! Mairi was looking for Gawson rocks that are weathered and rusted, (clues for Gold!) and thought of me on her finding because I have an obsession with the Staghorn Fern. I believe it is my spirit plant. The Staghorn Fern is named after its unique shaped leaves that resemble horns of a stag. Ever since my travels to the Philippines in 2008 when I saw them growing off giant trees, I climbed and fell in love.

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Moondrop Bones

30"x40" Polychromatic Screen Print of the Staghorn Fern, 2010

Photo of giant Staghorn Ferns from one of my most important referencial books 'Filipino Heritage: The Making of a Nation'


isla.m.craig|at| said...

nice bones! that staghorn polychromatic print is the most beautiful my eyes have fornecated with in a while.


Thanks I!