The Dying Art of Crushed Pennies

This morning for breakfast, friend and fellow artist Stan Krzyzanowski brought over some baked goodies and some of his crushed pennies. Stan walks along the same tracks near my house and leaves pennies on them, to be crushed by oncoming trains. Check out Stan's amazing time lapses here:

Here is what Stan wrote on my Flickr page:
I'm a worrier and I found myself worrying about everything from injuries caused by projectile pennies to train derailments - but I had to try this, since I never did it when I was a kid. I put them on the track and then I went away. When I came back I found most of the flattened pennies were within a few feet of where I put them. No trains were derailed. But trains are very dangerous and I would say anything to keep my kids away from the tracks. p.s. Thanks for the coffee and the conversation Jeff! I had a lovely morning.

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