Do your hobbies include buying and collecting museum quality antiques/salvaged material and lowbrow art? Yeah? Well, if you are in Toronto you should make a point check SMASH & Jerome Jenner Gallery in the Junction (2880 Dundas West Toronto, ON). I have some art for sale in the gallery and the space is gorgeous. Jerome and Jon who run the gallery are nice guys too.


Rzy said...
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Rzy said...

hi jerrrfff

so yeah. that's where i saw yr work. rad. the pink jesus hanging in the back of the gallery, also rad.

unrelated sidenote... i stopped by 401 on nuit blanche to see if you were around but you weren't. guess we'll have to catch up some other time! be good!


(also, my computer is being laaame hence my last deleted comment. buh)



yes, the pink jesus is holy. i am sure we are going to knock heads soon!!! XOXO